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At Commercial Concepts, we are highly successful in focusing exclusively on tenant advocacy in the field of corporate real estate services. By clearly identifying our clients’ business and financial requirements, methodically evaluating all possible options, scenarios, and strategies, and negotiating the best and most competitive rates and deal points as a result, we continually uphold strict adherence to our corporate mission statement.

Commercial Concepts works relentlessly for tenants, and our clients continue to return to us as a result.

Commercial Concepts works exclusively with tenants. That means that, unlike dealing with larger brokerage firms, our clients can rest assured that we are only looking out for their best interests at all times, not making side deals with any landlord.

We have helped countless professional firms negotiate new leases, renegotiate existing leases, and discover new commercial real estate opportunities throughout California, as well as nationally and globally.

We understand that real estate can be one of the costliest operating expenses for most companies and organizations. It is with this in mind that we take an aggressive and unique approach to critically examine all facets of our clients’ business as well as to fully analyze all aspects of any potential transaction.

By taking these crucial steps for each client in every transaction, we can ensure that we do our very best to uncover all potential costs and to maximize any reductions in our clients’ real estate expenditures.


Client Testimonials

Peter Cohen


Commercial Concepts truly went the extra mile for us. In reevaluating our existing location, they performed one exhaustive investigation after another on our behalf. By using this comprehensive methodology, Commercial Concepts was able to pinpoint the exact location that would lead us to be our most effective, productive, and profitable. Rammy Rasmussen then successfully managed to persuade our top four property locations essentially to outbid one another for our tenancy. The total costs savings to our firm well exceeded $1,000,000. This is just one example of why I have consistently used Rammy Rasmussen and Commercial Concepts for the last 20 years.

Derek Otte

Chief Administrative Officer

Commercial Concepts seized the opportunity to represent us. They conducted an exhaustive geographic market study, presenting us many more worthwhile opportunities than we even realized were available or than we had ever been shown in the past. Commercial Concepts recently secured a highly competitive location for us and negotiated a fantastic rate and other concessions for us that ended up saving us over $700,000 on our total lease obligation. We have been very pleased with the results we have gotten from Commercial Concepts.

Alan Hamil

Corporate Facilities Manager

Commercial Concepts completely reengineered our real estate process and created a comprehensive portfolio management service that greatly improved our information flow and reporting. They implemented clever real estate policies and procedures using a proactive approach to managing our real estate portfolio. These new standards reduced our annual lease obligations by over $1,000,000.

Pavan Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer

Commercial Concepts has delivered our company a tried and true system, time and again. They always think of everything and anticipate potential obstacles before they can arise. They have truly taken the surprise factor out of managing a complex network of locations and landlords, and have always provided us with exceptional service.

Mark Schurgin


I have had the pleasure of working with Rammy Rasmussen for over 15 years. Rammy and Commercial Concepts have always been extremely effective in their representation and handling of our real estate requirements. Their particular attention to detail combined with their keen negotiation abilities resulted in a reduction in our lease costs by more than $500,000 over the term of our lease. They continue to exceed our expectations.

Irving Feldkamp

Chief Executive Officer

Commercial Concepts has always brought true vision, constant oversight, and complete professionalism to their handling of our commercial real estate portfolio. We chose Commercial Concepts as our business partner because their flexible, client-focused culture provided us with a single, integrated point of contact for all of our 30+ locations throughout California.

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